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The RiZe Panel System offers almost complete design flexibility at an extremely affordable price. For a fraction of what competing panel system cost, RiZe will convert your office space into an attractive and professional-looking modern business environment. You will be amazed at how inexpensively you can transform your entire office into an efficient and inspiring workspace with the RiZe panel system.

RiZe is available in two vinyl colors (beige and gray) and two complementary desk finishes (cherry and maple). Additional fabric and vinyl colors and desk finishes are available by special request (with a 2-4 week lead time). But what really sets RiZe apart is that it is available with translucent textured polycarbonate panel tops, allowing natural light to enter your employee's workspaces while still giving them the privacy necessary to concentrate on their tasks. Or, for full privacy, RiZe is also available as fully vinyl-covered panels, or with optional accessories such as bulletin boards. The unique textured vinyl is not only attractive, it is easy to clean and matches almost any office decor.


RiZe panels connect to each other easily, and can be completely assembled in minutes with no tools required. Not even a screwdriver is required to assemble or disassemble the RiZe panels, making reconfiguration a breeze. As your company grows, additional panels can be installed quickly and easily, with an absolute minimum of disruption to your workforce. These are also available with the additional flair of translucent curved outer corner pieces, for an even more striking ultra-modern look. RiZe panels have all the features required for the modern computer-based office. Wire management grommets pop in and out easily, keeping cables under control and out of sight.

We have preconfigured RiZe for your most common office needs (e.g. 2x2, 2x3, etc), but do not feel limited! RiZe can be configured in an almost endless number of ways. A workstation unit is a one 5-foot or 6-foot L-shaped desk with required panels to create a cubicle. Workstations unit panels are available in either 47" or 63" heights. A tele-station unit is a one 36", or 48", or 60" wide rectangular desk with required panels to create a cubicle. Tele-station unit panels are available in either 47" or 63" heights.  Contact us to learn more!


RiZe Standard Workstation Configurations

Available Vinyl Colors

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