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The Refurbishing Process
Utilizing top grade steel & Formica work surfaces all manufactured by the best including Steelcase, Haworth, & Herman Miller products, we can turn-key an affordable cubicle solution with real, measurable value to you. When you consider that new workstations are 2-3 times the expense of remanufactured systems, it makes the decision to go this route much more appealing.

The remanufacturing process involves multiple steps and requires expertise in many areas, not the least of which is the acquisition of the previously owned modular office furniture. Our experts purchase pre-owned workstations from brokers, dealers and end-users throughout the country. The product is then disassembled, inspected and cleaned. All metal pieces are thoroughly cleaned and treated to ensure the proper application of the surface paint. SW Modular is able to deliver projects on a timely basis, not only due to our highly efficient remanufacturing process, but by maintaining a significant inventory of used product in our warehouse at all times.

Next we utilize a state-of-the-art conveyorized powder coat painting system that provides a high quality, durable finish. Once the metal components have been properly painted, new top grade fabric is hand-stretched and applied to vertical panels by skilled workers to ensure the utmost in quality. By now the manufactured workstations are ready for packaging.

Work surfaces get top-notch treatment as well, with original laminate being stripped off used work surfaces and new laminate, edge banding or t-molding being applied to meet the highest of standards. New wood work surfaces are created utilizing state-of-the-art CNC routing technology ensuring precision cutting each and every time. All electrical panel components are thoroughly inspected and tested before any job is delivered.

Stop by one of our fine showrooms to see the quality of our refurbished modular systems for yourself!

SW Modular Recycling Program
SW Modular Office Furniture & Design cares about our environment, and have adopted a strict recycling program. Recycling office furniture conserves labor and manufacturing energy. The amount of labor and energy required to alter an existing product during the remanufacturing process is 85 to 95 percent less than required to manufacture new product. And since much of the product has already been manufactured, remanufacturing saves the enormous amounts of energy required for production, especially when metals are kept out of the resmelting process. Purchasing remanufactured office furniture also sets a great example for your company's employees. It demonstrates that your firm is managing the company's assets wisely and sends the message that conservation and waste reduction is an important corporate goal.

The remanufacturing of modular office furniture supports the environment by significantly reducing the amount of used modular furniture ending up as landfill. Our manufacturers have reviewed every step in our remanufacturing process in order to keep the environmental impact to a minimum. Since most forms of paint application are known to be environmentally hazardous, we utilize a state-of-the-art powder coat paint system for most painting requirements. The electrostatic powder coat paint process is free from volatile organic compound emissions and is extremely environmentally friendly.

Our suppliers primarily uses Guilford of Maine as its supplier of panel fabric. Guilford of Maine has made a significant commitment to the environment through its Terratex � fabric line that is made from 100% recycled materials (mainly soda bottles), using processes that reduce waste, emissions, energy consumption, water usage and toxic substances. Terratex � fabric is guaranteed to meet or exceed the quality of fabrics made with virgin materials and conventional processes.

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