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In search of ergonomic, conference, reception, or stack chairs for a breakroom? We offer a wide array of office seating. We offer a 72-hour shipping program on ergonomic task & guest seating! Come and take a peek at some of our recommended seating options. We also have lots seating options available as store specials.

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Task Chairs
Ergonomic seating is essential in today's computer intensive environment. A good chair will help you get into your zone & is likely to yield results in work performance. Anything less then brand new will do for the shorter term until the seat foam or pneumatic gas lift tends to wearout making the chair disposable. This ugly cycle of repeating the drill of purchasing a new one every 1-2 years is neither good for you or for our environment. Our chairs are high quality and will last you for years to come.

SWM B-1002   SWM B-1004   SWM OFM-247   SWM B-495   SWM B-706

SWM B-1561   SWM B-600   SWM B-651   SWM B-1571   SWM B-580

SWM OFM 581   SWM OFM 118-2   SWM OFM 591F   SWM OFM 610   SWM NTF-1980

SWM NTF-Agent   SWM NTF-Agent Drafting   SWM NTF-Strata   SWM NTF-Precept   SWM NTF-Precept Drafting

BOSS Task Chairs

B1014 B1015 B1016 B9091 B1002 B2007 B315
B316 B317 B325 B326 B327 B6508 B3037
B3045 B3046 B3047 B305 B306 B1562 B1570
B1572 B3036 B670 B780 B560 B497 B3035
B570A B580 B6008 B6018 B6105 B6106 B6205
B6206 B6207 B6406        

James Edwards Task Chairs

D2007 D6008 D990 D1002      

Sitwell Task Chairs

Astra Breeze Satin Touch XTreme Embrace Engage
Connect Endure Del Mar Finesse Image Memory Multi Shift
Ovation Capacity 450 Perfect S 15 S 15a C 04 C 05

Chromcraft Task Chairs

Edge Genesis Flexi Me Inspire Quest Tria
Trak Veo Zyn Zyn Task Iso St Pliant St


What's So Great About Task Chairs?

An ergonomic task chair is designed for long periods of sitting to make sure you have optimal comfort for hours. Just about every aspect of a task chair is customizable to get perfect positioning for your body. Office task chairs are a necessity when it comes to office furniture for operating a productive office. Ergonomic task chairs also support your back and legs to encourage good posture.


Executive Seating

We have a vast selection of executive seating. Many of these executive models are built to last & extremely comfortable. With La Z Boy & OFM Seating you can select custom fabric or leather options. We'll make it easy to see the difference with these chairs & show you their capabilities. These are all commercial grade chairs that will last you for years to come. We feature a wide array of executive seating designed to fit any budget.

SWM OFM 710  SWM B-850  SWM B-8911  SWM B-7401  SWM B-9701

SWM OFM 560L  SWM OFM 680  SWM OFM 580  SWM OFM 507LX  SWM OFM 500 L

SWM B-2810  SWM B-8901  SWM B-983  SWM B-9301  SWM B-9101

SWM B-980  SWM B-9306   SWM B-2800  SWM NTF-Conquest  SWM NTF-Sequence

BOSS Executive Chairs

B7906 B7301 B8106 B1075 B446 B580 B580C
B8661 B650-W B686 B700 B706 B7101 B7106
B726-BK B726-BN B7306 B7401 B7406 B750 B7501
B7641 B767-BK B770 B781 B7901 B800-BY B8316-BN
B8386-DK B850 B990 B8506 B8601 B8661 B8701
B8771P-BN B8771S-BK B8776P-BN B8776S-BK B8901 B8906 B8991-C
B8991-M B8996-C B8996-M B9001 B905 B9221 B9226
B9306B B9331 B9401-BK B9401-WT B9406-BK B9441 B9446
B9661 B9666 B9701 B9701C B9706 B9706C B990-CP

OFM Executive Chairs

HS-350 OFM2810 OFM850 OFM8901 OFM8911 OFM9101 OFM9301
OFM2800 OFM9306 OFM9701 OFM980 OFM983 OFMB590 OFMB7401
OFMConquest OFM500 OFM507 OFM560L OFM580 OFM680 OFM710

James Edwards Executive Chairs

D2007 D6008 D990 D1002 D983    

Chromcraft Executive Chairs

Balmoral Breton Icon Solas Epix


Guest Chairs

We offer many styles including contemporary and traditional motifs. Our guest seating is commercial grade so it will last.

SWM B-9505  SWM OFM 305  SWM OFM 404  SWM B-9570  SWM B-7409

SWM B-9545  SWM B-8909   SWM B-9530  SWM B-7509  SWM B-619

SWM OFM 565  SWM B-9570  SWM OFM 310  SWM NTF-1110  SWM B-9570

SWM B-9529  SWM B-9309   SWM B-9540  SWM B-9529  SWM OFM 595

SWM DM-310  SWM DM-320   SWM DM-210  SWM DM-240  SWM DM-340

BOSS Guest Chairs

B7209 B9309 B9530 B9535 B449 B599 B619
B6409 B6509C B6609-BK B689 B709 B7109 B7309
B7409 B7509 B7519 B7909 B9449 B8109 B8309
B8509 B8909 B8999C B9709C B9229 B9409-BK B9409-WT
B9529 B9539 B9550 B9709 B9669 B1500-BK B1500-CS
B1400 B1401 B6909-BK B9501-CS B9501 B9501stack B9503-BK

James Edwards Guest Chairs

D9529 D9530 D9540 D9545 D9550 D959

Chromcraft Guest Chairs

Ascend Diva Facet Pliant Vista Zest Syntax


Conference Seating

Comfort in the seating of your conference room is more important then a lot of folks think. Many hours are spent in these types of rooms in meetings where lots of important decisions are made. The last thing you want is someone uncomfortable with a soar back while this is going on. Our conference room seating options are just what the doctor ordered!

Many models are equipped with numerous fabric options on special quick-ship programs specifically designed to meet time-sensitive deadlines. Choose from basic vinyl to top grade Italian glove leather on many of these models.

SWM B-2405  SWM B-9306  SWM B-2400  SWM B-2600  SWM B-7401

SWM B-8906  SWM B-9701  SWM B-7406  SWM NTF-2600  SWM NTF-2610

SWM NTF-2800  SWM NTF-2810  SWM NTF-Milano  SWM NTF-Strata   SWM B-8401

James Edwards Conference Chairs

D7401 D7406 D7501 D7641 D7901 D7906 D8106
D8306 D8401        


Bariatric Seating

Southwest Modular Office Furniture & Design now offers a new series of Bariatric Modular Guest and Reception Seating for plus size needs. These chairs come with a 500 lb. weight capacity. It is being recommended that one of every 4 guest/reception chairs in an office or waiting room be a Bariatric chair. Be ready for any changes in waiting room setup policy's and don't leave your plus size customers in embarrassing or uncomfortable situations.


Guest Seating Options   Please view brochures for more information.  

Bank of England Series

Camden Park Series

Dialogue Series

Exurbia Series

Fruition Series

Navara Series

Odeon Series

Odeon Guest Series

Padova Series

Tote Series



Seating Accessories

Make sure you have all the extras you need for your seating solution. From folding chair carts to gangable seating options we got you covered.

With gangable seating, you can attach chairs to each other so your lobby does not become a mess. Also, you can attach tables both in corners and in rows. These are in a care-soft synthetic leather material that is resistant to spills and stains, and can withstand the abuse of a typical waiting room.


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